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Keep Plymouth Township Moving Forward


Supervisor Heise will not take us back to the failed ‘good ‘ol boy’ way of doing things at Township Hall. Being Township Supervisor is not Kurt’s retirement plan, and it’s certainly not an entitlement - he’s working for you every day to make our community safer, stronger, and working smarter. The next four years are a chance for Plymouth Township to build on its successes - and not look back!

Here’s just some of Supervisor Heise’s 2020 ‘Continue the Comeback’ Plan of Action:

  • New Waste Hauling contract
  • Pursue joint recreation for the City of Plymouth
  • Pursue 2-year budget process
  • 10-year capital improvement plan for all departments
  • Improved Senior Services
  • Paying off our debts and obligations
  • Develop all parcels along Five Mile between Napier and Beck
  • Continue opposition to Salem Springs project
  • New improved nature trail at Township Park
  • More shared services with Plymouth City and other neighbors
  • Comprehensive 10-year road plan - working with Wayne County
  • Sidewalk construction and replacement program
  • Streetscaping and improved park access on Plymouth Road
  • Improved connectivity and safer access between township and city
  • Community-wide Strategic Plan for the 2020’s
  • New, updated website and app
  • Township-wide tree planting program
  • New parks and greenspace