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Promises Made, Promises Kept

Supervisor Heise and his team have worked together, professionally, to put taxpayers first and get our Township back on track. Kurt has not only kept his promises, he’s exceeded them, working tirelessly to address the Township’s many challenges and positioning us for a brighter future.

As a result, Plymouth Township is stronger, safer and working smarter than ever before.

Public Safety

  • Reopening Fire Station 2
  • Two new fire engines
  • New ambulance
  • Full staffing for Police and Fire Departments
  • State of the art 911 Dispatch Center
  • New police vehicles and equipment
  • New lifesaving equipment for our Firefighters
  • New Ordinances for school campus protection
  • Fighting for traffic signal at Ann Arbor Road and McClumpha
  • Contract with HVA ambulance service after 28 years

Fiscal Strength

  • Restoring fiscal stability and professionalism to Township Hall
  • Old overdue audits cleaned up and filed
  • Budgets balanced and filed ahead of schedule
  • New audits filed cleanly and ahead of schedule
  • Funding long-term retiree healthcare benefits
  • Settling longstanding financial issues with City
  • Completing audits with Department of Justice
  • Cleaning up Federal and State Drug Forfeiture Funds
  • Funding defined benefit retirement plans
  • Forensic Audit of Hilltop Golf Course
  • Eliminating costly and unproductive services
  • More than $2 million in grants obtained
  • Privatizing Human Resources and Planning services
  • Updated Fee Schedules for Building, Water and Engineering
  • Sold surplus property totaling $825,000
  • No water rate increases for the last two years
  • Settled labor contracts with all major unions
  • NO pay raises for Township elected officials

Economic Development

  • More than $200 million in new construction and investment
  • Tearing down DeHoCo Prison
  • Creating the Five Mile Redevelopment plan (MITC)
  • Henry Ford Hospital coming to old K-Mart site
  • Rivian, Webasto, Polytech, Orlekon, Buddy’s Pizza and the new Burroughs development
  • New residential developments
  • Job training and placement projects with schools and businesses
  • Phoenix Mill historic site redevelopment
  • Corporate vacancy rate under 3 percent
  • No foreclosed properties in 2019
  • Opposing Salem Springs project

Parks, Recreation and Culture

  • First of its kind Joint Recreation Plan with City of Plymouth
  • Eliminating Recreation Director position and privatizing services
  • Selling the Snowmaking Machine
  • New Managers at Hilltop Golf Course
  • Creating Environmental Leadership Commission
  • Creating Historic District Commission
  • More than $750,000 in improvements to township parks
  • Improved services for seniors
  • More than $100,000 in improvements to Friendship Station
  • Fixing the Sprayscape at Township Park
  • Improving Township Park ball diamonds and new lighting
  • Made needed repairs to Four-Seasons Pavilion
  • Shutting down the Amphitheater project
  • Creating the new “Golfview Park”
  • Tree planting throughout the township
  • Promoting arts and cultural opportunities
  • New agreements for increased little league play

Transparency and Accountability

  • Adopted comprehensive Ethics Ordinance
  • Updated website and app
  • Quarterly Township Newsletter without politics or self-promotion
  • Annual public Goal Setting by Board of Trustees
  • Televised live all Board Meetings and Study Sessions
  • Rebroadcasts of all Board meetings and Study Sessions
  • Restored Township cable television channel
  • Updated Purchasing Policy and Credit Card Policy
  • Created Citizens Advisory Council
  • Created Citizens Golf Course Committee
  • Rescinded ‘Gag Order’ with City of Plymouth
  • Updated Facebook page - membership up 1000 percent
  • NO pay raises for elected officials