Supervisor Heise - The First 90 Days:
A Turnaround Plan for Trust and Transparency

If I have the honor of being elected, I’ll begin an aggressive turnaround of Township Hall in the first 90 days - a bold plan based on restoring trust and accountability in our local government. These first 90 days will serve as the cornerstone for a four-year vision that will put people before politics and bring respect back to you the taxpayer.

If you have anything else you’d like me to include in the 90-day Trust and Transparency Plan, please let me know.  We are in this together and your opinions and ideas matter to me.

Here again are the main elements of my 90-Day Trust and Transparency Plan:


Introduce a Comprehensive and Constitutional Ethics Ordinance for Township Officials and Employees
Eliminate "Recreation Director" position
Eliminate Supervisor's "Executive Secretary" position - Price's political ally
Cancel the Amphitheater project once and for all
Freeze pay of elected officials for four years
Create volunteer “Citizens Advisory Council”
Stop the sale of Township water to the massive 'Salem Springs' condo project
Begin Forensic Audit of Hilltop Golf Course
End the invitation-only VIP Fireworks Party
Repeal Plymouth City Recreation Discussion “Gag Order” Resolution
Sell off the $50,000 snow making machine
Establish twice-monthly public study session schedule
Competitively bid all professional service contracts
Create new, accessible website and cable access channel
Live broadcasts of Township Board meetings and daily rebroadcast
Create smartphone app for township information and citizen complaints
Begin discussions with Plymouth City on “One Plymouth” Joint Recreation Program
Re-Open Lakepointe Fire Station with full-time, Plymouth Township firefighters
I would also like your thoughts on a 2018 ballot initiative that would eliminate the full-time positions of Supervisor and Treasurer and go to a Township Manager form of government as they do in Northville and many other Michigan communities. This job isn't about me - it's about the future of our community and what's best for the taxpayers. If we opt for a manager form of government, I'll be happy to look for a new job in four years

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