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A better township begins with you.

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I’m running for Plymouth Township Supervisor because we deserve better.

We need to take Plymouth Township in a new, professional direction, with educated, experienced leaders who will put people before politics, restore transparency and trust, keep our families safe, and put our fiscal house in order.

My family has lived in Plymouth Township for nearly 10 years. We moved here for our great schools, low taxes, and quality of life. As your next Supervisor, my mission is to improve on the best our township has to offer, while ensuring honest, experienced, and professional leadership for our hardworking taxpayers.

For the past 5 years I’ve had the honor of serving as your State Representative in Lansing.  Under the leadership of Governor Snyder I was part of a historic team that turned Michigan around, cut our unemployment rate by nearly half, balanced our budget without gimmicks or one-time fixes, paid down our legacy costs, and restored fiscal sanity to Lansing.

I don't run away from challenges - I help fix them.

In each of my three elections for State Rep, I received more than 60 percent of the vote, and I want to thank you for your support.  It’s not always been easy or fun, but I believe you hired me and Governor Snyder to make the difficult but necessary decisions to turn our state around, and with your support and encouragement, our team in Lansing did just that.

At the age of 37, I also ran Michigan’s second-largest environmental protection agency - the Wayne County Department of Environment.  With 140 employees and a $145 million annual budget, I cut the size of government, reduced the number of appointees, and saved our taxpayers millions of dollars.  I was the only department in Wayne County that had a budget surplus while the rest of the county was going under.

I’ve also served as the Mayor’s Deputy in Dearborn Heights, a $35 million per year public corporation, and as the Assistant Corporation Counsel for Dearborn Heights, Woodhaven, Garden City and Redford Township.

I’m going to turn 50 this year, and for half that time I’ve been an attorney specializing in municipal, labor, and environmental law.  I’ve earned a track record of success in local, county and state government.  I’ve helped turn around governments in trouble, meeting each challenge with determination, putting my education and experience to work, and getting results. With your help, I can do that again for Plymouth Township.

My parents were both World War II veterans and lived though the Great Depression. They believed in a strong education, and giving back to your community. I took their advice, and earned a degree from the University of Michigan, and two law degrees from Wayne State.

As we all know, our current Supervisor moved here from Canton in the winter of 2015 and was selected by by a bare majority of the Township board.

But in the Summer of 2016 it’s your turn to be heard - by electing a new supervisor - a real leader with experience, a solid education, and proven results.

It’s time to take our community in a new, professional direction, with educated, experienced leaders who will put people before politics; restore transparency and trust; keep our families safe, and put our fiscal house in order.

I would be honored to have your support as Plymouth Township Supervisor, because you - and our community - deserve the best.

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